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My origins:

My stamina on stage, my sens of listening and my improvisation skills are the fruits of an atypical journey. I first got into sports and even went semi-pro in table tennis. While studying for my masters in sports sciences, the art of magic crossed my path, where I developed some skills in close-up tricks. After graduation (Paris), I joined the ClubMed where my passion for stage performances will start.

International experiences:

I then decide to travel. I first live in Hawaii, before finally ending up in Canada where I spent 10 years of my life. I have dual citizenship and I am bilingual EN/FR. My stage career started in Montreal, first with stand up comedy and later in Toronto and NYC with acting and improvisation. For a decade, I performed on television and on stage for various events and ceremonies.


I use my skills, spontaneity, and natural enthusiasm to raise the energy, communicate with the audience and highlight the guests who need to be heard and seen. I will contribute to a successful event, with joy and great care.

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